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first update: Employed yay (check About if curious where) also one piece of graphic work I made featured on a documentary aired some weeks back.

This post will change a fair bit, but thought it would be fun to upload an early stage of a made up title sequence I’m working on. Text added soon but first adding in the stencils (sourced from free Illustrator and Photoshop resource sites.)


Beee is now in the new Flash page, which will be gaining more animated fun times.

Also Photoshop has two new images, the one below is from a personal photography project .


Plus with the Adobe build up, i’ve been using Illustrator more:

Currently looking for employment, hopefully placed in a junior, freelance, assistant, runner or intern role.

With modelling the rabbit for personal training (currently working on rigging, textures and then a walk cycle) I felt the next step was to try out some more animals, and kept an eye out for any illustrated nature guides (drawings are much easier to work with).

Luckily found two books this weekend (African mammals and general mammals). Inside one book there’s the different skeleton structures (great for rigging) but also the running cycle for a rabbit (perfect!).

[updated pages: render/comp, modelling, rigging, textures]


Moved my old blog to a new format.

Pages are used as a visual gallery, to show examples of work I’ve completed or currently working on.
This page will report on updates and help navigation on the site.